Supports and partnerships of the Salon

The French Coalition for the Decade, organizer of the 3rd International Salon for Peace Initiatives, is looking for a certain number of partners to enrich the Salon and to ensure its success. These partners are of different types.

The auspices of the UNESCO
Obtained for the two previous editions of the Salon through the French Commission for UNESCO, the auspices of the UNESCO will be asked for the 3rd Salon, that is fully organised within the dynamics of the International Decade for the promotion of the culture of peace and non-violence, for which the UNESCO has been designated as leader by the UN.

Associative partnerships
In order to financially support, enrich and promote the Salon, partnerships are to be concluded with various national and international associations, each involved in its own manner in peace building. The field of intervention of these partners will vary: emergency humanitarian action, human rights defense, environmental defense, mediation, disarmament, etc.

Associative partners will be regularly informed and consulted during the preparation of the Salon.

Media partnerships
On the occasion of the 1st and 2nd Salon, media partnerships were concluded with the daily newspaper Le Monde, the weekly magazines La Vie and Télérama, the radio station RFI and the television channel TV5 Monde.
For the 3rd Salon, media partnerships are once again looked for to ensure a media coverage before, during and after the Salon: daily newspapers, magazines (weekly and monthly) and whildren magazines, TV channels and radio stations.

Communication partnerships
The campaign for the 2nd Salon has been supported by the RATP (transport authority of Paris) and by the services Publilégal of the Municipality of Paris, which diffused for free the poster of the Salon during several weeks in the different districts of Paris.
In order to ensure a national campaign covering all the French territory, communication partnerships are being looked for. The partners sought in this framework are advertizing agencies as well as public and private publicity networks.

Institutional supports
For its two first editions, the Salon has received a financial support from two French public institutions: the French Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Municipality of Paris.
Several grant requests will be addressed to different French and international public institutions in order to support the organisation of the 3rd Salon.