The exhibitors present at the Salon will be associations of various sizes, international organizations, public institutions, media, publishers, training and educational organisms, companies.

Having diverse types of audience (youth, national and international public institutions, religious communities, media, political decision-makers, etc.), they all contribute, at local, regional, national and/or international levels, to the development of the culture of peace and non-violence. Their actions focus on five main themes :

  • Peace in the world (interventions in armed conflicts, disarmament, negotiations)
  • Peace education, training on non-violence
  • Economy and peace, sustainable development
  • Human rights, solidarity
  • Intercultural and inter-religious dialogue

For this third edition, the accent will be put on the increase of the exhibitors number and on the enlargement of the Salon to new organizations such as popular education movements, humanitarian organizations and human rights organizations.

A space will be dedicated to books on the culture of peace and non-violence. In this space, publishers will present their essays, biographies, historic works, documentaries, albums on different aspects of the culture of peace and non-violence.

The booths will be held by one or several exhibitors who will present in them intitiatives or projects in an interactive way: mock-ups, artistic objects, PowerPoint presentations, posters, pictures, games. Distributed on the Espace Condorcet and on the three storeys of the Centre des Congrès, they will occupy a total surface of 2 600m².

The youth and children visiting the booths will be helped during all the period of the Salon by appropriate tools, such as the “Youth Passport”. The exhibitors will be invited to propose them specific interactive and game-like activities. A specific welcome will be planned for school-children and young people coming via social centers.