Aims of the Salon

Following the Nobel Peace Prize Lauretes’ appeal, the Salon wishes to show that « together, we can build a new culture of non-violence for humankind which will give hope to all humanity, and in particular, to the children of our world » (The Nobel Peace Laureates’ Appeal, July 1st 1997).

Helping discover the culture of peace and non-violence
The Salon will be a place for exchanging on the culture of peace and non-violence through the presentation of concrete actions and through common thinking, through the booths as well as the various activities and conferences.

The culture of peace and non-violence is characterized by «  values, attitudes and behaviours that reflect and inspire social interaction and sharing based on the principles of freedom, justice and democracy, all human rights, tolerance and solidarity, that reject violence and endeavour to prevent conflicts by tackling their root causes to solve problems through dialogue and negotiation and that guarantee the full exercise of all rights and the means to participate fully in the development process of their society » elle «  (Resolution A/RES/53/25 of the United nations declaring the Decade, November 10th 1998).

Calling for building peace together
The culture of peace and non-violence is a long-term construction. It is the result of actions led by the civil society, associations, local communities, institutions, companies, media, individuals, etc.

The exhibitors of the Salon will share with the public their practices, their successes and failures and everyone will thus be invited to contribute to the daily building of peace non-violently, through citizen field actions as well as institutional actions.

Presenting initiatives from all over the world
Peace at the local level cannot be achieved without continental or even international peace. Participants and exhibitors from all over the world will come to present their peace initiatives in different zones of conflict and to share their experiences. The International Conference « Actors for a culture of non-violence » will help, at the mid-term of the Decade, shed the light on the advances made by the culture of peace and non-violence throughout the world.

Raising public awareness of the culture of peace and non-violence
The International Salon for Peace Initiatives is addressed to all : education and solidarity professionals, pedagogic and citizen movements, parents, children and, more generally, a wide public interested in discovering or rediscovering peace initiatives.

To welcome children and teenagers
Children and teenagers will be the focus of attention during the whole period of the Salon. Specific activities will be consecrated to them and upstream communication realized for schools and popular education centers will invite them to prepare their visit to the Salon with their teachers or supervisors.