Interactive workshops
During the three days of the Salon, many training workshops, interactive activities and meetings with witnesses or peace and non-violence actors will be proposed to the visitors.
Through role-play, forum-theater, artistic activities, miming, visitors will be invited to live a peace and non-violence experience related to their daily life. It will allow them to discover concretely how conflict situations can be resolved peacefully, how dialogue can be chosen instead of violence.

Many activities will take place during the three days of the Salon :
Sports and, if possible, field activities will illustrate how sport and non-violence can be associated: aïkido, non-violent boxing, etc.
Street animations will give the Salon a festive look, a happy and creative atmosphere: slam poetry, bands, percussions, world dances, clowns, etc.
Several spectacles will be proposed to children and adults: theater, dance, music, puppets, humorists.

Throughout the Salon, cultural spaces will address visitors’ imagination and will invite them to think and discuss.
Exhibitions of sculptures, paintings, photographs, posters, drawings or other creations will highlight the contribution of art to the culture of peace and non-violence.
Some educational or interactive exhibitions will present the culture of peace and non-violence in its historical dimensions or will illustrate the diverse initiatives of civil society in favour of dialogue, tolerance and non-violence. They will involve the visitors by inviting them to think about their own behaviour and their own life and by inciting them to look for solutions implying the respect of the other, the value of exchange and participation in collective life.

The Salon will also be the occasion for screening films and documentaries dedicated to peace experiences, crisis resolutions and mediation examples. These screenings can be followed by debates with the directors or with the associations.

Festive evenings
During the Salon, the French Coalition for the Decade wishes to organize two festive evenings, through the organization of a concert or a spectacle on the theme of peace and non-violence in the amphitheater of the Centre des Congrès.

Coffee space
Inside the Salon, a coffee space will allow visitors and exhibitors to have a rest and to meet in a convivial atmosphere.
“Exhibitors breakfasts” will be organized in this space, allowing exhibitors to meet and to create links out of the opening hours to the public.